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You may download these logos from this site and use them on your websites and in your e-mail messages. Download them by rightclicking your mouse and saving the image. If you need any other formats, please inquire.

Fellows of the fortean Fellowship

You were sent here because you clicked the logo that signals that somebody is a Free Fellow of the fortean Fellowship. Now, what on Earth is that?

The Fellowship is an informal group of people known as 'forteans'. It is beyond the scope of this page to explain what forteans are - Google is your friend . 'forteans' have existed before the Fellowship did. They have existed before they were even labeled forteans and probably will still exist if the Fellowship is long forgotten or even after the name 'fortean' is not in use anymore. You can be a fortean without joining the fellowship. And it is possible that some people may not think you are a fortean at all, but you can still join the Fellowship. All you need to do to join the Fellowship is to ask yourself "am I a fortean and do I wish to show others I am?" - and if you feel you can answer both questions with a resounding 'yes', you may join the Fellowship

Joining is simple: just start to use the title 'FfF'. Add it after your name in any formal or informal correspondence, business card etc. - and that's it. Please note that Fellows use their title with dignity. Fellows are also encouraged to use a free FfF logo on their website, T-shirt, mug or correspondence. It's free. You can be a Fellow today, no strings attached. No need to register either.

For those of you that have a LinkedIn account: the Fellows have their own group there, simply click this link to go there and subscribe. It's free too!

If you have any ideas and/or comments, just mail the fellows@fortean.org.

Henk Klöpping, FfF